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Similar Animal has been building a reputation in the music scene, seamlessly and effortlessly blending styles and influences from multiple genres and generations of music. Starting out creating music and playing gigs in the Lawrence and Kansas City area, Minimal Animal is quickly building a devoted fanbase. Rocking stages with passion and energy, combining guitar riffs inspired by Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Blackmore (Deep Purple), and Greenwood (Radiohead), with the drive and soul of Mumford, the approachability of The Foo Fighters, the eclecticism of the indie rock scene, and a sound entirely their own, the band draws crowds from far and wide and continues to spread their sound in every new destination. Get in touch to learn more about the band and upcoming gigs.

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Similar Animal is currently mastering their new music. New video content and music coming 9/17/19! 

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Similar Animal formed in 2015 (then, Minimal Animal) and began writing songs and finding their sound. Adding members as time went on, choosing talent based on creative camaraderie and a combined passion to create, Similar Animal began to hit their stride in spring of 2016 when they began performing publicly. After some life changes, the band emerged in Fall of 2018 bolstered by a new sound and lineup.

The songs Similar Animal create are based on real-life issues - from mental illness to spirituality to feelings of self-worth. Hoping to leave the listener feeling empowered with the knowledge they are loved and not alone. Musical stylings inspired by Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Cage the Elephant and alternative rock bands across the spectrum.

Palmer Davidson III is the driving force behind much of the songwriting and has been playing guitar and writing songs since discovering his passion for music at a young age. He enjoys combining layers of simple riffs and melodies to arrive at a complex and rich sound. He feels less like he writes the songs and more like the songs find him and push their way through.

Michael Hearson is the most colorful character in the band. His brash fashion sense is almost as eye-catching as his explorative and experimental guitar sounds are gripping and provocative. Mike could talk gear and sound for hours without exhaustion and this untiring search for the right sound and the best riff leads to a unique performance every time he picks up his guitar. He challenges mediocrity and never settles for less than his heightened expectations for himself.


David Brown's easy-going nature and silky smooth bass riffs fill out the bottom end of the sound, bringing strength, calm and warmth to the stage. His love for life, his dedication and determination are inspiring. Never a word of complaint and always quick to find a groove in the pocket, David is a great guy and a wonderful, well-rounded musician.

JJ Willems brings impeccable rhythmic instincts, balancing complex syncopated patterns with simple straightforward playing. His energy and passion for seeking the right dynamics and emotion in a song are a perfect fit. Never shying from sharing an idea but never letting his ego overshadow the direction a song takes, when JJ has something to say, it's either going to make you laugh or think.


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