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Debut Single, "Don't"

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"I woke up at 2 am after a vivid dream with the chorus of this song playing in my head. I looked up the lyrics and tried to find the melody on the internet and found nothing. Awesome. A gift from... wherever that sort of thing comes from. I have my beliefs about it but they're not important in the grand scheme of things.

The verses are rooted in the fact that change happens. Staying mindful of the breath, keeping thoughts in the present moment, and balancing surrender with determination lead to a lot of powerful changes in my life and the chorus was a reminder: No matter how you change, improve as an individual or evolve as a person stay grounded in love. Stay true to who you are.

The intensity of the bridge reflects the chaos and intensity that accompanies life change at times."



Light. Dark. Calm. Chaos. 

The whole video takes place during a meditation session.

The wooden figure's journey starts in discovering self and love in creativity. We see the character exploring various mediums of creation but eventually becoming mesmerized by the screens, symbolizing the distractions of the busy world we live in. Eventually, this disconnection from creativity leads the character into a depression. The way back to a healthy headspace was through connection to self and creativity.

This visual story was created by Palmer Davidson and his daughter, Isabella Davidson. Based on Palmer's own struggle with mental illness and depression - recounting the journey of self reflection, meditation, journaling, and consistent creativity.

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